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Brazil Immigration, Visa, Employment, Residency and Sponsorship


Can I come to Brazil on a Tourist Visa to find work and start work instantly?

Tourist visa is granted to foreigners who come to Brazil for leisure, tourism or sightseeing. The trip cannot be realized under the purpose of immigration and this type of visa does not allow the work of the foreigner in Brazil.

What happens when a tourist visa is used to look for jobs?

The best option is to obtain the business visa, temporary visa item II, that allows meetings inside the Brazilian companies. The only concern in that case is the Federal Police see this foreigner, under an investigation procedure inside the company, and question the real motives of entry in the country with a visa that allows tourism (that theoretically is to be in places like beaches and tourist points), and be find inside a company. 

What happens when an employer asks me to work immediately without a valid working visa processed? 

Working in Brazil in favor of a Brazilian company with a business or tourist visa, even if for a short period of time, may be considered illegal and may be subject to a fine for the Brazilian company, as well as mandatory departure of the foreigner from Brazilian territory. The director of the company can be also judge in a criminal process.

Can I apply for an employment visa myself?

That is not the best option, not because I am an immigration lawyer, it is really because the law is very extensive and with a lot of details and immigration matters and implications, better is to contract a specialist to help you in this matter.

What are my options in getting an employment visa?

Some steps must be taken to ensure safe legal stay in Brazil, such as:

1. Request the appropriate work permit before Brazilian immigration authorities

2. Acquire the visa at the Brazilian consulate

3. Entry the country and registry before Brazilian authorities

What is the timeline for processing my application?

By law, the timeline for processing the application by the Ministry Of Labor is up to thirty days, postponeable by the same amount of time, with adequate justification. In practical terms, the process takes around 45 days to be judged.

What is the system in sponsorship for work visa?

The Brazilian Company is responsible to require the visa, and the visa belongs really to the Brazilian company, not the foreigner. If the Brazilian company decides to fire the employee, the foreigner must leave the country because the main reason to stay here in Brazil working is not valid anymore. The designated sponsor is the Brazilian company and the validity of sponsorship could be from 90 days to 5 years, depending on the visa.

Besides being sponsored by my employer, how else can I get a residency visa?

Based on work - Temporary visas are:

Based on work - Permanent visas are:

Can someone who is not a local sponsor my residency?

Yes - Permanent residency request to stay in Brazil can be also based on marriage to a Brazilian citizen, Permanency based on child born in Brazil, Family Reunion with someone who already leaves here, Stable union for couples that are not married under the law just live together as family without distinction of gender (Normative Resolution No. 77/2008).

Who can I sponsor when I receive my residency?

Dependents: children under 18 and spouse, and family in general that depends economic of the owner of the visa, each case must be analyzed to check if it is possible.

What happens to an expat’s child born in the country?

Children of expats born in Brazil will obtain Brazilian nationality. Children need to be registered at the Brazilian Notarization – Cartório de Registro Civil.

How long can I stay outside the country before the visa expires?

If the foreigner stays more than 2 years outside Brazil without entry in the country loses the visa, even if it is permanent visa. 

How can I transfer my sponsorship from one employer to the next?

It is a process that takes 6 months more or less, and requires that the new company and the older company present several documents to justify this change. It is easier to require a new visa authorization for the same person in the new company, and faster.

Is there a grace period to renew employment visa?

The Brazilian legislation determined on article 8 of Normative Resolution No. 74/2007 that a grace period of 90 days should be observed, as of the expiry of a work permit or as of its canceling, for a new application for work permit for the same person by the same company. This provision does not apply in the following situations:

How do I make sure I can re-enter Brazil after my visa expires?

Observe the visa validity, and extension process of the visa, if the visa expires you must leave the country immediately. The penalty to stay illegal is to pay a fine, and if the foreigner doesn’t leave the country will be deported. But that is the only penalty, if he came back with a valid visa he will enter normally without any problem.

What are the government fees I have to pay for while I’m on my work visa?

You will pay taxes like any other Brazilian worker. Fees for taxes and visa processing depends if you hire a lawyer. The other government fees I need to consider would be only R$16,93 reais per foreigner included in the visa.




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