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Companies, in particular large multinational companies often use assessment centers and / or psychometric testing to assist them with finding a suitable candidate. Typically, these forms of assessment are performed following the initial telephone interview.

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Psychometric Testing
These tests endeavour to ‘measure your mind’ and are ideally tailored to the specific requirements of a role. There are two key types of psychometric tests:

  1. Aptitude/ability tests (taken under timed conditions); and
  2. Personality questionnaires (used to see whether you would fit into the role and company culture).

They are either completed with pen/pencil and paper or are computer based. The latter can easily be completed remotely. If you are completing the tests in person you will generally have an opportunity to meet with the Administrator or Psychologist to obtain feedback on your tests prior to returning to your home country. Some specific points to consider include:

Assessment Centers & Group Interviews
The assessment centers / group interviews typically run over a 1-3 day period and may consist of a selection of the following:

In terms of preparing for these assessment centers, keep in mind the selection criteria specified in the job advertisement, job description or during your initial interview. Every test, exercise, and interview will be matching you against these criteria.

Remember, the following aspects during your assessment: