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Expat Articles » Career Planning: Why Relocation does not have to be daunting.

Career Planning: Why Relocation does not have to be daunting.

Working within the finance and legal sectors can be a lucrative and exciting experience, but it is also likely to involve opportunities to relocate for work. This might be a move to a new town, or even an exotic country, but if done the right way then it does not have to be daunting, it can be a dream opportunity.

Moving for work can come into the equation for several reasons. It could be in search of a nicer climate or a new challenge while still free and young. It may be as simple as a step up the career ladder or seeing a destination as the best possible place to settle down or bring up children. Whatever the reason for relocation, it is important to consider the best options, in terms of career and personal circumstance. There is unlikely to be a long-term benefit to moving if loneliness and unhappiness are involved, so careful thought is required.

Relocating is not only an opportunity, but a real challenge. From learning a new language and coming to terms with cultural differences, personal development is just as likely as career progression. Any family or loved ones who also come for the journey are also likely to gain valuable life skills. This experience often pays off financially, as a background that includes relocating to a major industry centre or overseas with work generally results in opportunities for a larger salary.

A prime example of how relocation, outside of monetary benefits, is the island of Cyprus. Its location, ideally placed for naval trade routes, is also a perfect position for a finance hub. Tucked into the eastern part of the Mediterranean, the island linksEastern Europe to the West, as well as Africa and the Middle East. The situation is similar to the Channel Islands and how they link the UK toWestern Europe. It is a popular holiday destination for a reason, as the climate and laid-back locals make the idyllic island attractive. As unlikely as it mayinitially seem, the finance sector is one of the main industries of the island.

While the salaries aren’t as high as those on offer in London or even the channel islands -primarily due to the lower cost of living - large international companies, like Ikea and Microsoft, have bases on Cyprus and are driving incomes up.It comes down to a matter of personal priority. If money matters most, you can earn more elsewhere, but Cyprus is a great place to build up experience in accountancy or banking as well as an opportunity to drop down a gear for those who have already done the hard miles within the sector. The lower wages shouldn’t impact your lifestyle and you’ll soon find yourself thinking more about the beach than your short daily commute.

So it isn't just about a better life today, relocation can open up a whole new world of opportunities for tomorrow, too. You could move to a better climate, both economically and temperature wise, and start a new chapter in life. For a full range of overseas jobs and relocation advice go to AP Executive, specialist recruiters.