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The stain on expat parents raising a child may feel overwhelming. It is very likely that parents feel inadequate when faced with the challenge of raising a child away from home and without the help of family and friends. First ensure their security by ensuring that they are in the country legally by filling the U.K passport forms for your child.

Build your child's self-esteem
When your child's self-esteem is high, they will be more capable of handing the difference they see when they compare themselves with other children. They will be self-assured and more capable of tackling challenges that come with change. They will also be bold in using their skills, and strengths and more capable to work on their weaknesses. They will be free to express themselves.

Adapt to the new culture and language
Have a positive outlook and make it as much fun as possible for the child. Often explain the difference of diverse cultures as well as his own so that your child will be reminded of his roots and understand that being different does not make him or her strange.

Acquiring a new accent
Acquiring an accent may come noticeably. Parents may fear that their children may lose their original accent but it does not have to be so. It is also a great benefit to the child because it will be easier for your child to communicate without drawing so much attention to himself or his being different from the rest. Help your child realize that each challenge they face is only another beauty of diversity of cultures.

Connecting with those back home
It is necessary to keep the child rooted in his culture and there are many ways of going about this. They include:-

  1. Cooking food from your country with your child is an excellent way. It is even better to share the meal with new friends.
  2. Show photos of taken from back home especially photos of places your family used to enjoy.
  3. Going home for the holidays will give your child a good opportunity to experience and learn more about his home.
  4. Keep in contact with family and friends from back home by phone, e-mail or social networks.

Do your homework. Research on schools and find the one that best provides what is good for your child. Make sure to get as much information as possible. It would be best to talk to other expat parents about their experiences in finding the right school, comments and suggestions to assist you in making an informed decision.

Be positive, outgoing and embrace the new culture so that your child can follow suit. It may be hard to being an expat parent but is certainly very rewarding. Be informed and take heart. You will be fine.

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