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Expat Articles » Greenback Survey Reveals US Expat Government Dissatisfaction

Greenback Survey Reveals US Expat Government Dissatisfaction

By Greenback Expat Tax Services

New survey results conducted by Greenback Expat Tax Services reveal strong dissatisfaction with the US Government and its lack of attention paid to US expat concerns. More than 72.5% of expats polled said that they do not feel fairly represented by the US Government.

Greenback Survey Reveals US Expat Government DissatisfactionDespite not living on US soil, many Americans living overseas are watching the presidential race as closely as their patriots at home. Recently, Greenback Expat Tax Services, an American expat tax preparation company, surveyed its customers on sentiments surrounding the upcoming election. The results showed a significant dissatisfaction among expats regarding the lack of attention paid to their concerns. When asked whether they feel fairly represented by their US Government, a startling 72.5% said that no. The survey also asked about whether they were planning to vote. Seven-four percent said that they were either prepared or planning to vote.

It’s estimated that there are roughly 6 million American expatriates currently living overseas. That number may play an important role in the upcoming election, as it’s larger than the population of 34 US states per capita.

According to Greenback, the survey results were not surprising. They’ve witnessed a swell of frustration with the government relevant to the lack of focus on their needs and concerns, particularly with the issue of expat tax preparation. Recent IRS programs involving offshore accounts have worried many expats. However, as Greenback attests, the IRS has also opportunities for American expats to avoid dual taxation, and for those qualifying low risk individuals,penalties or other repercussions. In many cases, expats can actually benefit from deductions and credits, such as the foreign earned income exclusion.

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