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Expat Articles » 3 Helpful Tips To Get Better Exchange Rates


From Peter Lavelle at foreign exchange brokers Pure FX

Planning to start again and begin a new career overseas? Then one of the several hundred things to get sorted before beginning that new job is sending funds abroad. For the ill-prepared person however this can be a challenge. Imagine for instance that you stroll into your local bank one morning, and request to exchange several thousand pounds into euros. The clerk mightn’t tell you, but the rate or she provides could easily be the pits.Foreign Exchange

How then do you overcome this challenge, and locate an exchange rate that doesn’t involve losing several thousand pounds? To help in this, I have put together some useful tips beneath. Take a look, and then feel free to get in touch with one of our dealers! We’d love to help with your transfer.

#1:  Avoid Using a High Street Bank!

Like I mentioned, using a bank to change currencies before starting a job abroad is the foreign exchange equivalent of throwing yourself to the wolves. For instance, imagine that your savings are a double foam latte. High street banks skim off as much of the gorgeous foam as possible, leaving you with plain old coffee. There are better alternatives available!

#2:  Call a Foreign Exchange Dealer for a Better Rate!
To get the best possible deal when you send money abroad then, the first port of call should be a currencies broker. Brokers deal in foreign exchange and nothing but foreign exchange, meaning that (unlike with a bank!) you can look forward to a first class rate. Even better, (also unlike a bank!) you can receive specialist guidance regarding your transfer.

# 3:  Plan in Advance
Last of all, to make transferring money before starting a job abroad as painless as possible, it is best to plan in advance. This is so you can avoid changing currencies at the last possible minute, and receive whatever rate is available – good or bad! For instance, if you’d like to secure a good exchange rate, we can talk to you about fixing the rate using a forward contract.

Get in Touch!
To learn more about changing currencies before starting a career abroad then, feel free to contact our specialist dealers on +44 1494 671800 or email quoting We’d be delighted to help with your foreign exchange requirements!

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“Thanks for all your work. We have certainly already sung your praises to our Agent and will recommend you to anyone else we know who needs currency help. Speak soon, Many Thanks.” - Mr. & Mrs. Everitt, Cambridgeshire

“We just wanted to confirm the safe arrival of the money this evening. That is a fantastic effort and far and away better than any transfer that we have experienced in the past 20 years…” -
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