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Expat Articles » The Importance of Spelling, Grammar & Sleep


I recently took the initiative to message all of our LinkedIn members to inform them of our newly created sub-groups.  The announcement stated:  “To caterer to specific professions, we recently created subgroups specifically targeted for Senior Level Professionals.  In case you haven't, do join us.“  You may have noticed that the second word of the first sentence was ‘caterer’. NO. We have not suddenly turned into a catering organization, albeit I thoroughly enjoy my food. Like everyone I make mistakes. I put it down to the lack of sleep I have had over the past evenings.

Fortunately, my boss let this pass (for now) and allowed it to blow over like a sandcastle in a hurricane. However, due to the strike to my ego it felt like I was standing naked in the middle of the hurricane. Ironically, we offer our Job Seekers with Resume / CV Writing and Cover Letter Writing services. You will have to trust me that I am not the one writing those resumes!

This embarrassing blunder reminded me of how often we hear about job seekers sending their unformatted and terribly worded resumes and cover letters to prospective employers. Your resume is practically your shop window. If you were heading to your local BMW dealership and the sign out the front stated "BUM", would you continue to enter?

No matter how qualified or experienced you are, many prospective employers and recruiters will immediately dismiss an applicant due to a poorly written resume, cover letter or email. When writing, ensure you have thoroughly reviewed the spelling, grammar and general sentence structure. If need be, request a colleague to review it for you or even consider using a professional service to assist you.

So, whether you are a job seeker, recruiter or employer, please humor us all by sharing your embarrassing blunders. To view the replies simply follow the links below to our social networks.

Warning: The above content may contain dreadful spelling and grammatical errors.

Karla Kangleon
Global Director