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Need to find a job?
Well, you are at the right place! First you must decide where you wish to work and what you wish to do. Obviously, moving to a new location can be daunting even with a job offer in hand. However, in this day and age many individuals and even families choose to spend some time in their chosen location and even fully relocate prior to finding the right job. Finding the right job through this means is often regarded as easier as you can easily network and attend discussions and interviews in person. This option can understandably be far more stressful and costly.

At least you have taken to first step of researching.

Prior to departure

You will have made the decision so now you need to know if it is possible. Most countries offer various types of visa programs so you will need to find one, which suits your needs. As an example and in addition to more typical visa programs the U.S. offers green cards through their EB-5 program to investors and entrepreneurs that are looking to build a business. Family members under the age of 21 are automatically granted additional green cards as well.

Dependent upon the location, whether you have a job offer in hand and what your package has included you many need to personally complete the necessary legal and visa documentation or your employer may do this for you. There are also plenty of companies in all the far-flung destinations to help guide you through the sometimes complex procedures. To find more information regarding visa, immigration, work permits, sponsorship etc. simply click HERE!

What will my new home be like?
Research is the key. See what your country’s travel advisories state and read as much information through books and online as possible. Most importantly ask someone who has done it already. We highly suggest reading blogs of individuals within your chosen location however always remember that what may be paradise to you may not be to me.
Gone for Good?
Expats routinely move around the globe to work, that is what an expat does. Normally contracts last from 6 weeks to over 2 years. Contract extensions are normal and in many cases contacts can be indefinite or even permanent. It is not uncommon for individuals and families to stay within one location for 10 years or more, some even choose never to return to their home city, state of country. Home is where the heart is…where you make it!

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