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The following articles have been compiled to support you before, during and after your expatriate assignment. We are always interested in hearing your opinion and suggestions. Additionally, should you wish to submit an article, which you believe fellow users may find useful please email us. 

FBAR and FATCA: Do You Need to File?

Most US expats have heard of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). In fact, in a recent Greenback survey of over 1,800 expats, a whopping 83% of respondents were aware of its existence! FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Report) is another acronym expats have heard of—but do you really know what these two initiatives are all about?.... read more

5 Reasons to Buy Travel Insurance

Traveling should be about focusing on the new adventures and cherished moments with your loved ones. However, it is important to think about the practical side too and ensure that you protect yourself, your family, as well as your pocket. That's why we always recommend that our expat members purchase travel insurance for true peace of mind before and during your travels.... read more

Handling Your Currency When Moving Abroad

Forex IconWhether your move is temporary, short term or you are making the first steps before your accounts follow you over, there are many things you can do to minimalise the impact to your finances.... read more

Top Tips for Moving To a Cold Country

Traveler SuitcaseWhen many people dream of relocating, they often think about working from sun drenched beaches and a lifestyle revolving around eating and drinking outdoors. Of course for many people on the move, especially for work, this can involve relocating to a much colder climate than you are used to.... read more

Career Planning: Why Relocation does not have to be daunting.

Traveler SuitcaseRelocating is not only an opportunity, but a real challenge. From learning a new language and coming to terms with cultural differences, personal development is just as likely as career progression.... read more

It’s A New Year, How About A New Expat Career?

The year end is a great time to reflect and create resolutions to make the New Year amazing. Perhaps now is the time to take an honest look at your career. If you are dreaming of a better job or you wish to have flourishing career advancements, here are some tips to help get you started ... read more

A Happy Christmas Away from Home

Celebrating Christmas away from home can be very lonesome and sad, but there are some things you could do to ease the homesickness and still have a happy and enjoyable Christmas ... read more

Christmas Traditions in Asia

Whether you’re a new or an experienced expat, holidays or the year end is probably the time when you miss home the most. What if you are forced to stay in Asia, your “home away from home” this holiday season? ... read more

International Wire Transfers; How to achieve a better exchange rate than your bank provides

Forex IconExpats around the world face a common problem when using their bank to make a wire transfer to their new destination country or when remitting money back home.... read more

How to Win Friends in Asia

For someone who has just moved to an Asian country, it can be quite a daunting task to figure out how to go about making new friends.... read more

Getting the Right Education for Your Children

Providing the best education for your children is without a doubt one of the most important tasks of moving into another country, especially if they are moving with you. It is thus crucial to help them adjust to their new host country as well as the school that they will attend.... read more

Welcome to a New Era in International Payments

Forex IconThe past 12 months has seen very exciting innovation in the world of international payments. This is great news for expats, overseas property buyers & businesses that need to transfer money internationally.... read more

10 Tips on Moving to a New Country and Being Happy There

The first weeks and months in a new country can be disorienting at best, completely depressing at worse. Here are 10 tips to make your move easier.... read more

Delinquent on US Taxes? OVDP and the Streamlined Procedure Can Help

US expats who are behind on their US taxes may be relieved to know that there are options to help get caught up. Depending on the situation, there are two programs developed by the IRS to encourage delinquent taxpayers to come forward and become compliant with their tax obligation..... read more

How to Tackle Expat Parenting

The stain on expat parents raising a child may feel overwhelming. It is very likely that parents feel inadequate when faced with the challenge of raising a child away from home ..... read more

US Expat US Expats: Differences between the FBAR vs. Form 8938

In recent years, the US government has implemented new measures to crack down on US expats evading their US tax and/or foreign bank account reporting obligations. The newest development is in the form of..... read more 

US Expat Taxes & FATCA: Tax Tips for Global Trotters

The latest seminar organized by Artio Partners confirmed that many American expats working abroad are not aware of FATCA requirements.... read more 

Greenback Survey Reveals US Expat Government Dissatisfaction

New survey results conducted by Greenback Expat Tax Services reveal strong dissatisfaction with the US Government and its lack of attention paid to US expat concerns. More than 72.5% of expats polled said that they do not feel fairly represented by the US Government.... read more 

Arriving in Argentina: 8 Top Tips for Expats

If you are planning to become an expat in Argentina for a few months, a year, or longer, you’ll want to settle in as quickly as possible upon arrival. Here are some useful tips and resources for finding accommodation, meeting people, and getting the most out of your time here so that you will feel right at home in no time at all.... read more

What to do Before the Move... A Guide from a Tax Perspective

Moving internationally means more than just relocating to a new home. Becoming an expatriate involves moving your money too, which always leads to taxes. Getting your finances in order before moving out of the United States is something you need to do in advance.... read more

Finding an Accountant in a Foreign Country: What You Need to Know

Adapting to a completely new tax system is one of the least exciting things about working in a new country. Sorting out your taxes can be frustrating wherever you live, but when you move to a completely different country.... read more

New Tax Rules now in Place for US Expats

This year something very special happened on June 26th, not only did the world celebrate International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (what, how could you forget!) but the IRS made some important announcements that could affect expats everywhere!... read more

To Work or Not To Work?

expat spouse

Why do we work? What makes us want to work? And what makes us feel sad when we don’t work? In today’s economic reality, some of us may answer the above questions with a simple... read more

Top 10 Ways to Cope with the Transition to a New Life Abroad

There is no doubt that moving to live and work abroad can be challenging and stressful - learning to live in a different culture and often a new language adds a whole new dimension to how you operate at home and at work. And then of course... read more

What US Expats Need To Know!

US expatriate tax return reporting requirements baffle even the most seasoned expats. The requirements are constantly changing and in recent years new asset reporting forms such as... read more

Helpful Tips to Get Better Exchange Rates

Forex IconPlanning to start again and begin a new career overseas? Then one of the several hundred things to get sorted before beginning that new job is sending funds abroad. For the ill-prepared person however this can be... read more

American Expat and US Tax Return - The Twain Shall Never Separate

The United States requires all citizens and permanent residents (that is, green card holders) to file the U.S. Federal income tax returns. The U.S. is fairly unique in this regard, so take note... read more

The Intelligent Expat - 10 Tips and Tricks to Help You Deal with US Taxes

Don’t let the IRS bog you down while you’re living it up overseas! The last thing you want is to get stuck in a tangle of forms, penalties, and even threats of... read more

American Expatriate Tax Obligations - The Simple Guide

As an American expatriate, you are required to file your federal tax returns yearly, just like a U.S. citizen or resident who doesn’t live abroad.  Because, fact is, it’s not just your U.S. income that determines your tax rates, but... read more

Dual Career Issue of Expat Couples SOLVED!?

expat spouseDual-career couples are on the rise. But while the expat is about to take the next step in his* career, his partner’s career is often put on temporary hold with their move abroad. Nowadays the partner is less and less willing to jeopardise... read more

Considering an Expat Assignment?

Many global operations have floundered because the wrong individual was at the helm. Too often, the selection criteria for who is sent abroad is simply whoever has the necessary business skills or is available or willing to go. But just because... read more

Do You Opt for a Traditional or Multicultural Christmas Away From Home?

You may be one of many expats who do not have the opportunity to travel home during the Christmas holidays. But with a little creativity, celebrating Christmas in your host country can be a very memorable occasion. The key is to... read more

How Your Move Abroad Shakes Up Your Personal Maslow Pyramid

You had everything organised back home: house, job, relationship, friendships. You felt accepted, respected and valued as a person and you were about to... read more

The Importance of Spelling, Grammar and Sleep

I recently took the initiative to message all of our LinkedIn members to inform them of our newly created sub-groups.  The announcement stated... read more

How Traveling and Your Expat Assignment Can Advance Your International Identity

Traveler SuitcaseMany expats love to travel. But did you know that there are differences in the level of international commitment while traveling? And that your travel experiences and your expat assignment may have a positive impact on your international identity? It is all a matter of commitment and taking... read more

Using Social Media to Make Your Move Overseas a Success

Its official, you’re moving overseas; but before you start bubble wrapping boxes and brainstorming your own bold and never before seen attempts at acclimation, it’s best to arm yourself with a clear idea of what to expect once you take the leap. If you’ve been fortunate enough to... read more

Finding the Right Jobs

When searching and applying for jobs we suggest that you create an applications record containing details of all the positions you have applied for, including company names, contact details, information about the companies and job specifications for the roles you have applied for. Keep this record next... read more

Understanding the Hidden Job Market
Despite the large number of jobs advertised on eXPAT CAREERS roughly 75 per cent of jobs are never advertised.  However, the hidden world of job opportunities can be accessed by word of mouth, cold calling or submitting an unsolicited job application. With jobs that are not advertised, being in the right... read more

Interview Techniques
We have prepared some hints and tips to help you get that perfect overseas contract. These are recommendations only and will obviously depend on your exact situation. Planning and preparation are critical for... read more

Telephone Interviews
Interviews aren’t necessarily about perfecting your handshake or making sure you are well presented from a visual perspective. There are many instances in which employers use telephone interviews before... read more

Psychometric Testing and Assessment Centers
Companies, in particular large multinational companies often use assessment centers and / or psychometric testing to assist them with finding a suitable candidate. Typically, these forms of assessment are performed following... read more

Negotiating Salaries, Benefits and Packages
Within many industries and regions there is a shortage of well qualified and experienced workers. For employers, this is nothing new and they are aware that to attract the highest... read more

Your Contract
There are a few key points to consider when signing a contract. Fortunately most expatriates have been on the circuit long enough to know them, but for those who are looking at completing their first assignment or for many of us who would like a gentle reminder, here are... read more