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Fiji Islands Visa


What types of work permits are offered in Fiji?

There are two types of work permits:

How can I get a work permit in Fiji?

Work permits are those reserved for specialist positions within an organisation. Immigration may expect those positions to be filled by Fiji citizens over time and a permit may therefore be granted subject to a condition that the permit holder trains a citizen in the position.  Positions must be advertised before an application for the work permit can be considered.

Relevant work permit forms and the list of documentary requirements are available from the Fiji Immigration Website.

Can I apply for a work permit on my own?

Yes you can. Your employer can also lodge a work permit on your behalf.

Who can I hire to assist me in processing my papers?

You can consult an Immigration Lawyer to assist you with your application.

What documents do I need to submit?

The following documents are generally required by the Immigration Department, however the Department may require further information as it sees fit:

For a short term work permit (up to 6 months):

Long term permits (granted for 1 – 3 year terms)

How long do I have to wait for my papers to be processed?

Where can I check on the status of my application?

You can send an email for a quick response from the Immigration Department at

What will my proof of employment visa be?

The Department will endorse the work permit on your passport.

How long is the validity of the work permit before it expires?


If my passport expires before my work permit expires, what should I do?

Fiji Immigration Department requires that on arrival, passports be valid for at least 6 months from that date. The permit endorsed on the passport will be only be issued up to the expiry date of the passport.

Is there a grace period to renew employment visa?

The application to renew must be lodged two months before the expiry of the permit..

Can I come to Fiji on a tourist visa to search and apply for jobs?

Yes. However a tourist visa cannot be converted to a work permit. The applicant has to be out of the country to apply for a work permit, although this requirement can occasionally be waived by the Director of Immigration. .

What happens when an employer asks me to work immediately without a work permit?

You should tell your employer that you are NOT allowed to work in Fiji without a valid work permit.

How do I make sure I don’t get banned from re-entry?

You should abide by the terms and conditions of your work permit and don’t work without one. Be careful even voluntary unpaid work can require a work permit.

How can I transfer my employment visa from one employer to the next?

To work for another employer you will need to re-enter the country and follow the procedure as set out in the Fiji Immigration Website. Only the Director of Immigration can waive the re-entry procedure.

Aside from obtaining a work permit, how can I have residency in Fiji?

Residency permits can be obtained on the basis of several grounds, some of which include:

How can my partner / spouse or children who work and live in Fiji sponsor my residency?

A residency application can be made on the grounds of being the spouse of a Fiji citizen.

Does Fiji have single and multiple visa entries? How do I get a multiple visa entry?

Yes, for tourist visas. These are available as of right to entrants who are citizens of countries listed in the Immigration Department’s Schedule of Visa Exempted Countries.

Will an expat’s child born in Fiji acquire citizenship?

No, if both the expat and his wife are non-Fiji citizens.

I am a Fijian currently living overseas with a foreign nationality. What are the requirements for my partner to be able to reside with me in Fiji?

A Special Purpose Permit can be granted to a dependent person that needs to enter and reside with a family member, provided the family member is legally resident in Fiji.

The following documents are generally required by the Immigration Department, however the Department may require further information as it sees fit:

Where can I find more information on work visa, residency and citizenship?

You can find more information at the Fiji Immigration Website



Fiji Visa
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We are heavily involved in all of Fiji’s major business sectors, including immigration, tourism, mining, sugar and other primary industries, services, finance, manufacturing, media and information technology, utilities and infrastructure.

Many of our senior lawyers bring to the firm their experience in other countries. For our offshore clients, we combine high standards of work with strong local knowledge. Our Fiji clients value our international experience and strong overseas connections.

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We all have diverse roles in our country’s public life, in pro bono work and in support of the rule of law. Fiji is our home and we are strongly committed to its future.

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Nick's practice has a particular emphasis on commercial, administrative and environmental law. He is admitted to practise law in New Zealand, Tuvalu and Grenada as well as England and Wales and Fiji.

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