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When searching and applying for jobs we suggest that you create a record containing details of all the positions you have applied for, including company names, contact details, information about the companies and job specifications for the roles you have applied for. Keep this record next to the phone so it can be quickly referred to if a potential employer contacts you unexpectedly.

Remember that potential employers might have to leave you voicemail messages or correspond by email before they are able to speak to you, particularly because of time zone differences, so create a professional impression from the outset: save comical email addresses for friends and family, sticking to a straightforward firstname.lastname address and make sure your voicemail / answering machine message sounds professional – no blasts of loud music!

If following your initial application you are presented with a questionnaire, fill it out neatly and completely even if it asks for the same information that is on your resume / CV. Do not indicate "See resume / CV."

Preparation is just as important for a telephone interview, as it is for a face-to-face one. Think about ways to expand on points you have made in your resume / CV, covering letter or application form and prepare a list of questions you would like to ask. Keep everything together in your applications file, this way you will remain alert and interested throughout the conversation.

Conducting a mock interview with a friend or with your recruitment consultant is an excellent way to improve your telephone interview technique. By receiving honest, constructive feedback about how you come across over the phone, you will be able to take actions where necessary to overcome areas of weakness. Recruitment consultants are well placed to be able to offer this type of support, as they have an excellent understanding of what employers are looking for.

Continue to browse through our website, particularly the supplementary pages within the Career Center to familiarize yourself with suggestions for finding and obtaining the right job. Due to the fact that over 75 per cent of jobs are not advertised we have also created a helpful article to address the hidden expatriate job market.

Don't forget to also review our Job Seeker Career Services, which are designed to assist you with your job search strategy to ensure you achieve your career aspirations. 

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