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Whilst many employers provide health and medical insurance, many do not. Even in cases when employers do provide health and medical insurance it may not necessarily cover things such as dental or optical. If your company is providing you with health and medical insurance review it in great detail to ensure it is of suitable coverage and that all accompanying family members are included on the policy.

If your package does not include health and medical insurance, it should not be a problem as there are many options available, no matter what your particulars are. Prior to even relocating you should commence researching to see what your government and local insurance companies may have to offer. Often contacting your local embassy in the country you are relocating to can be of assistance. Sometimes when looking for carriers of health insurance pre existing conditions pose some difficulty. However, you should be able to find a plan that fits your budget and provides adequate coverage.

Additionally, a quick search on the internet for ‘international medical insurance’ should provide you with the contact details of many health and medical insurance providers offering international medical insurance. The advantage of being on an international policy is that they typically provide worldwide coverage. Just ensure that you always read the fine print (some countries can often be excluded) and complete detailed research. Our health should always be our biggest priority.

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