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Arguably one of the most stressful aspects of relocating to a new location is finding suitable housing and accommodation. These days there are typically many websites available, which you can use to gauge the type and cost of housing and accommodation. As expatriate packages can vary tremendously we suggest that you complete a reasonable level of research into the type and cost of housing and accommodation, which is going to be suitable for you and any accompanying family and friends.

When relocating it is often best to initially reside in short term accommodation such as a serviced apartment or a hotel. This allows you to get a feel for the location and commence searching for suitable housing and accommodation in person. When you are in country sources such as the local newspaper and grocery and club notice boards are often the best places to start. Employing the services of a local realtor / agent can also make thing easier, particularly if you already have an understanding of the location(s) you like and what the current rate is for the area.

Not only is housing and accommodation typically your largest expense, if you or any accompanying family and friends are not happy with your housing and accommodation it will likely make the entire experience far from enjoyable.  Always try and search for other expatriates who may be able to provide you with suitable advice and contacts.

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