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Malta Visa


Which industries employ expats in Malta?

There are a wide range of industries in Malta which attract expats to take up residence in Malta. The main industries being: financial services, construction companies, professional services, IT and the i-gaming sector.

What are the types of employment visas offered in Malta?

All foreign nationals working in Malta need to register their employment. In the case of Non-EU nationals, the applicant is required to apply for a Maltese Work Permit or a Maltese Self-Employed Work Permit.

How can I get an employment visa?

There is a specific procedure that needs to be followed with the immigration authorities in Malta. The Work Permit Application process for Non-EU nationals takes around two months to be completed. The employing company needs to show enough proof that it has tried to locate a Maltese or EU national before resorting to a Non-EU employee.

Can I apply for an employment visa on my own?

Yes, this is possible however not recommended. Work Permit Application Rules are quite complex and detailed and it is not uncommon for applications to be refused on a simple technicality such as wrong documents submitted with the application, or incorrect information supplied to the department. Hence it is strongly recommended that legal advice is sought when an Expat applies so as to ensure a smooth and expeditious process.

Who can I hire to assist me in processing my papers?

Award winning immigration advisers and registered mandatories such as Chetcuti Cauchi are legally authorised to provide immigration advice.

What documents do I need to submit?

The documents checklist varies from one application to the other. It is advisable that you get in contact with a local law firm such as Chetcuti Cauchi in order to determine the list of documents required in your case.

How long do I have to wait for my papers to be processed?

The Work Permit application process for Non-EU nationals takes around 2 months to be completed. On the other hand, the employment registration process for EU nationals takes around 1 week.

Where can I check on the status of my application?

The applicant’s representative in Malta would be able to provide ongoing updates on the application progress.

What will my proof of employment visa be?

The Work Permit holder would be granted an official A4 size certificate confirming s/he is permitted to work in Malta. Together with this document, the applicant is granted a Residence Permit sticker in his/her passport which enables him/her to live in Malta and to travel to the Schengen countries.

How long is the validity of the employment visa before it expires?

The Work Permit granted to a Non-EU national is valid for a maximum period of one year and can be subsequently renewed. The employment registration for EU nationals does not have an expiry date and is therefore only terminated by the employer when the employment has ended.

If my passport expires before my employment visa expires, what should I do?

This is not possible since the Residence Permit sticker on the passport cannot be valid for a longer period than the passport validity.

When my employment visa expires, how can I re-enter Malta and accept a new job?

It is advisable that before your Work Permit expires, you seek to renew the same or obtain a new one to work for a new employer. The immigration team at Chetcuti Cauchi would be able to take care of all the necessary paperwork in this regard.

What happens when an employer asks me to work immediately without an employment visa?

This is not permitted for Non-EU nationals since one always needs a Work Permit in order to be able to work in Malta. On the other hand, the registration of EU nationals takes a shorter period of time and therefore employment can start instantly.

How can I transfer my employment visa from one employer to the next?

If one terminates employment with an employer and is willing to start employment with a different employer, the applicant is required to submit a new Work Permit application since the transfer of employment is not permitted.

Aside from obtaining an employment visa, how else can I reside in Malta?

Foreign Nationals are very much attracted by the Maltese High Net Worth Individuals Scheme available to EU Nationals and also Non-EU Nationals. EU Nationals have the possibility of moving to Malta on different terms under the ordinary residence permit.

Will an expat’s child born in Malta acquire citizenship?

Foreign nationals born in Malta will not be granted Maltese citizenship as long as none of the parents hold Maltese citizenship.

I am Maltese currently living overseas with a foreign nationality. What are the requirements for my partner to be able to reside with me in Malta?

There are various possibilities for spouses and children to reside in Malta. It is strongly recommended to speak to an Immigration Firm in order to discuss the options into more detail.

Where can I find more information on work visa, residency and citizenship?

Detailed information about Maltese Work Permits can be viewed online by clicking here.

What should I do to have a successful relocation?

Always seek professional advice on the available residency options from experienced law firms such as Chetcuti Cauchi.


Malta Immigration

Priscilla specialises in Immigration, Corporate and Trusts Law and currently heads the Immigration & Relocation Department within the firm. Priscilla is mainly specialised in the use of the Malta residence schemes available for both EU and non-EU individuals. Priscilla is also specialised in the use of Maltese trusts and estate planning strategies for wealth preservation and succession planning.

Priscilla's practice revolves around assisting clients in relocation including property matters, tax planning, estate planning, business start-up stage or with acquisitions, corporate restructurings, shareholder matters and providing day-to-day corporate law and tax advice.

Specialties: Malta, Permanent Residence, Company Law, Trusts, Malta Companies, Tax, Hedge Funds, Start-ups, Energy, Trading Entities

Malta VisaChetcuti Cauchi’s professional service lines span a wide range of legal, fiduciary and corporate services. The firm embraces professionals from various related sectors: law, accounting, taxation, banking, financial services, business development, management, economics, corporate services and trust management.

Our unique multi-disciplinary mix results in a greater learning experience for our members and superior all-encompassing results for our clients. The firm is well positioned to service clients ranging from high net worth individuals and families, owner-managed companies to larger corporations. On an international level, Chetcuti Cauchi has also grown to be regarded as the Maltese firm of choice by various leading professional firms in the EU and worldwide.

Chetcuti Cauchi has established itself as one of the leading law firms in Malta in the fields of financial services, tax law, immigration law, trusts and estate planning, expatriate law, ICT law, gaming and intellectual property law.

We can assist clients with obtaining all aspects of their relocation, including legal and tax advice in connection with your taking up residence in Malta, applications for residence permits, introduction to estate agents, legal advice and representation on property rental or acquisition, introduction to banks, opening of bank accounts, and generally all aspects of your relocation for a smooth transition to Malta.

E:        W: nor the author guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page. It is recommend that particularly prior to your travels you check with the relevant government authority. Please contact us with any updates you may have. Last updated 31 January 2012.

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