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It is often said that there are two certainties in life: Death and Taxes. Whilst we cannot typically escape from paying taxes in some locations there is however no income tax. The financial benefits of working abroad can be immense. Tax rates and requirements of both the country you are working in and your country of citizenship should always be considered prior to accepting a job offer. In some cases your overall tax commitment may be considerably less than working in your home country whilst in other cases it may be more. Some countries also have reciprocal tax agreements in place.

Never enter into agreements whereby the employer states he will not declare taxes. You can enter into a tax-free agreement but if you do, ensure that the agreement clearly states net of tax in the remuneration clause. Therefore, if the employer changes their mind, any tax owed is their responsibility. They will have to adjust your remuneration accordingly or pay the tax for you. It should be noted that in some countries even if your contact states your employer is responsible for paying your taxes legally you are still responsible.

Tax can be complicated and as such a suitably experienced international income tax professional can often assist you with compiling with the tax requirements in your home country and country of employment. Additionally, in many cases they can save you $1,000’s. Ensure you complete your research and consult with suitable tax professionals.

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